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Exporting metrics

Ntpd-rs supports exporting key operational metrics to an external prometheus instance.

Installed from package

If ntpd-rs was installed from the packages distributed by us, the default configuration will already have enabled the observation socket. Furthermore, these packages contain a systemd unit file that enables the metrics exporter with a reasonable configuration. This can be enabled with

sudo systemctl enable --now ntpd-rs-metrics

After enabling the metrics exporter, a prometheus metrics dataset will be served on

Installed through cargo or from source

When installed through cargo or from source, two things need to be configured manually:

  • Enable the observability socket in the ntpd-rs configuration.
  • Configure the system to run ntp-metrics-exporter as a service.

The observability socket can be enabled by adding the following to the configuration:

observation-path = "/var/run/ntpd-rs/observe"

Next, configure your system to run the ntp-metrics-exporter binary as a service. For systemd based systems, an example is provided below.

Description=Network Time Service (ntpd-rs) metrics exporter