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ntp-daemon - ntpd-rs Network Time Protocol service daemon


ntp-daemon [-c path] [-l loglevel]
ntp-daemon -h
ntp-daemon -v


ntp-daemon is the Network Time Protocol (NTP) service daemon for ntpd-rs, an NTP implementation with a focus on security and stability. The ntp-deamon can be configured as both an NTP client and an NTP server. The daemon also works with the Network Time Security (NTS) protocol. Details of the configuration of the daemon and implementation details can be found in ntp.toml(5), where several concepts of the ntp-daemon are also explained.


-c path, --config=path
The configuration file path for the ntp-daemon where settings for the configuration of ntpd-rs are stored. If not specified the default configuration file is /etc/ntpd-rs/ntp.toml.
-h, --help
Display usage instructions.
-l loglevel, --log-level=loglevel
Change which log messages are logged to stdout. Available log levels are trace, debug, info, warn and error (from lower to higher priority). Only messages with the given priority and higher will be displayed. The default log level is info.
-v, --version
Display version information.


ntp-ctl(8), ntp-metrics-exporter(8), ntp.toml(5)